In the novel 1984, George Orwell demonstrates that power is obtained through
control, just like some aspects of today in society. Control is a powerful tool when it is
used by the government. Orwell in his novel explains the governments control over
humans in an exaggerated sense, but in many aspects it is correct. He shows how people
of many groups get brain-washed by the government so people only know what they need
to know. Fed with mixed up facts so people can not figure out what is really going on. In
the novel 1984, Orwell said “...Power is power over human beings (pg.218).” In this paper
there are many things that will demonstrate that Orwell’s thoughts on power were not so
far fetched, but actually fairly accurate.

In the plot Orwell shows many examples of the government being kind of like a
gang. Orwell shows that if you are part of the system that you can not get out. If people
try to get around the system they will get punished they will get hurt or killed. People get
into gangs not really knowing what they are getting into until the have entered. Many times
after a while they realize the gangs beliefs and do not obey by them. The party controlled
Oceania people’s life in such ways as a gang sometimes does. “Our control over matter is
absolute (pg. 218).” The plot shows many aspects of the nazi party also. Hitler
brain-washed many people into believing that there was a master race and all others had to
follow under certain rules or be punished. The only thing that could stop Hitler was a
more dominant party of different beliefs. Orwell’s new that power is everything in the way
that society is ran. As you can see 1984, is not far from reality in many ways. It’s main
plot is control is power.

The setting of 1984, took place in a very dreadful, grey Oceania, which is kind of
like England today. Oceania has a party that controls the way they live, eat, work, and
sleep. As time goes on and they start to control more people they are just going to get
more powerful. People had to live in dumps and walk the street of war zones. If you did
something wrong the party would know. Orwell’s setting was very effective in showing
how the party controlled all people. It was a little drastic, but it was very in depth. Orwell
had a very good understanding of control when he wrote this book.

The characters in 1984, had many conflicting ways. A big role was Big Brother
and the party. They had to have a very dominent power and follow strict guidelines to
keep that power. The motto of the party was, “The party is always right (pg. 218).” Then
there was Winston’s role in the book. Winston was an old scruffy looking man that was
confused in all that was going on, but he did not realize the parties power. He went to
work everyday and worked hard at his job. He meets Julia and they start trying to hide
from the police. They go on a long while, but everybody is going to get caught by the
party. They had too much power and knew how to use it. No one could slip or death may
occur. “There is no way in which the Party can be overthrown (pg. 216).”

There was one main conflict of this book and that was man vs. society. Many
people of Oceania had to live with the society that the Party gave them. The had no choice
in how they could live. It was the Party’s ways or death. The party had many ways to
make it man vs self also. The could try to brain-wash people all they wanted, but it was the
persons choice whether to beleive it. They can try to work their thoughts into your mind,
but if you live your own thoughts their thoughts mean nothing to the person on the inside.
Yet, the Party would have their ways with people physically.

Orwell’s main purpose of writing the book was to warn people about too much
power before it actually does happen. At first I did not like the book beacause it was hard
to understand. But as you get into it everything gets to be explain and you can piece things
together. I think Orwell was successful in writing this book because many things that he
describes happen in the