12/12/96 Brian Davis
The Odyssey
(the tale of Odyseuss)

Title : The Odyssey
Author : Homer
Other Titles : The Iliad


Little is known about Homer. It is believed Homer lived in
Western Europe during the 8th or 9th century. In ancient times
seven different cities claim to be the birthplace of Homer.

Traditionally Homer was pictured as a blind man. This idea
was based on Demodocus, the blind minstrel in the Odyssey.
But there is no evidence.

The Oydssey

The Odyssey means the tale of Odyseuss. Odyseuss king
of Ithaca had set out on the Achaean Expedition which was led by
Agamemnon. The point of the expedition was to return or restore
Helen. Ten years later, afte the fall of troy all the chiefs and
kings return to home. After another decade still no word on what
happened to Odyseuss.

During his absence his palace has been invaded by
nobles who wish to marry his wife Penelope. They disrespect his
things and property thinking he will never return.

The gods are having a meeting in Mount Olypums.
The begin to talk about Odyssuess and how they feel sorry for
him and how to return him to Ithaca. Athene goes down to Ithaca
diguised as a man named Mentor. Athene talks to his son named
Telemachus and tells him to travel to Pylosand and the palace
of Menelaus to find out info on his father.

Mean while the gods sent Hermes to tell calpso that
the gods have ordered her to let Odyseuss go. She does and
Odyseuss takes on many encounters and torment caused by the god
Poseidon for stabbing the cyclops(her sons)eye out.

Finally being assisted by the Phaeacians he reachs Ithaca.
Diguised as an old man he slaughters the suitors that have
beseiged his wife. He reunited with his family.

I liked the book because it was something a little
different.I didnt like the names and the way everyone was
like someones parent.

I would recommend it to anyone because its a popular book
and it might have to be read in school.