1. Market Revolution: A change in the way people bought, made, and sold goods.
2. That George chopped down a cherry tree.
3. An entrepreneur is someone who takes on business risks for the sake of prophet.
4. Well, the women were paid about half the salary as men were for the same jobs. However, women lived in he factory, where men did not. They were looking for single women.
5. The employees simply maid money for them by working. They did not think of them as real people, just workers.
6. Delaware, Maryland. Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, & Louisiana.
7. Because cotton was the biggest source of income for the south.
8. He wanted to take over Charleston.
9. The North was against slavery and the south was very much for it.
10. 1823, was mostly written by John Adams. This document wanted European Govts. To stay out of the Americas, and let them grow on their own.
11. Patronage
12. Government would support internal improvements, including, roads, canals, bridges, lighthouses, universities and many other projects. The whole purpose was to develop American Industry.
13. he thought that the State of Kentucky should build the road, not the National Govt.
14. The National Republicans.
15. Warden, Life in the woods.