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Dollhouse/Shoebox Crime Scene Project
INTRODUCTION: Your group/CSI Team - up to three members per group- has been assigned to make a \'dollhouse crime scene.\' You and your partners will prepare a dollhouse/diorama crime scene and bring it into class by the due date. Your crime scene must include evidence which is to scale so fellow classmates could analyze and "solve" the crime. Keep in mind, a diorama is a scene that includes a model, and tells a story. Your group\'s crime scene will be presented to classmates, and the teacher wi...

Series, Scale modeling, Television, Criminology, Dioramas, Harvard Medical School, Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, Crime reconstruction, Crime scene, Forensic science, Dollhouse, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The house, I have said, was old and irregular. T
" he grounds were extensive, and a high and solid brick wall, topped with a bed of mortar and broken glass, encompassed the whole. This prison-like rampart formed the limit of our domain; beyond it we saw but thrice a week - once every Saturday afternoon, when, attended by two ushers, we were permitted to take brief walks in a body through some of the neighbouring fields - and twice during Sunday, when we were paraded in the same formal manner to the morning and evening service in the one churc...

Conscience, Personality, Philosophy of mind, William Wilson
Catalina Jimenez
2nd Period ENC1101 January 11, 15 Historically there have been inventions that led to the grand modernization of that time period and created a grand change socially and culturally. More recently, the railway system has brought industrialization just as the highway system has brought us suburbs and outer cities. What led primarily to this are the scientific and technological improvements that pave way to those systems. These systems also bring social differences, particularly to those operating...

Transport, Chauffeur, Rallying, Car
Hannah Butt
Professor Bowman ECAE 3103 4/24/17 Infant Toddler Research Study Introduction: Young children are dependent on the care they receive from others. There is always a child in the care of someone. All the child\'s physical and psychological needs must be met by one or more people who understand what infants, in general, need and what they in particular want. Caregiving routines include feeding, diapering, toilet training, dressing napping etc. To ensure the child\'s health and growth, caregivers n...

Human development, Attachment theory, Psychology, Childhood, Interpersonal relationships, Psychoanalysis, Caregiving, Secure attachment, Infant, Child care, Caregiver, Toddler
Hannah Butt
Professor Shanley SPEC 1114 4/4/2017 Response Paper 2 The film Sound and Fury is about two brothers in an extended third generation deaf family. The movie focuses on the Artinian family; Peter and Chris are brothers and sons of hearing parents. Peter and his wife Nita are both deaf. They have three deaf children, Heather is among one of them. Chris is hearing and is married to Mary who is also hearing. Mary\'s parents are both deaf. Chris and Mary re the parents of twin boys, their son Peter is...

Health, Deaf culture, Deafness, Medicine, Audiology, Disability, Identity politics, Sound and Fury, Cochlear implant, Hearing loss, Lip reading, Hearing
Hannah Butt
Prof. Bowman ECAE 3103 Reflection Paper Before reading this article I thought Queer theory was about gay and lesbian identity, but I was wrong Queer theory is basically a new theory about gender. The article focuses on queer theory and gender equity in early childhood education. The authors review research regarding strategies to rethink gender in children, discussing the effect that feminist post-structuralist theories have had on gender identity. While queer theory indicates that heterosexual...

Gender studies, Gender, Identity, Biology, Gender role, Queer theory, Queer, Sociology of gender, Gender identity, Social construction of gender, Gender bender
Harris Butt
SCD 250 Dining Management Library Assignment 7/11/17 Fine-Dining Restaurant Selection: Direct and Moderating Effects of Customer Attributes The success of a restaurant establishment is directly related to the number of customers you serve. For the customers to enter your doors, you need to pass them an appealing message. The purpose of this research study was to figure out how to properly use a marketing strategy towards age, gender and dining frequency in order to select the right employees th...

Economy, Business, Marketing, Services marketing, Marketing mix, Restaurant, Customer satisfaction
Harris Butt
SCN 240 6/6/17 Research paper Agriculture in America Monsanto is an agriculture company. Their organization distributes agricultural products that support farmers in America and also in other differe nt countries. Society would think that this would benefit farmers and their crops. Making their lives and work a lot easier. Monsanto has expanded their use of agriculture on more than 2 billion acres worldwide. According to the Monsanto organization, they believe that their products improve protec...

Monsanto, Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Glyphosate, Herbicide, March Against Monsanto, Monsanto legal cases
Hannah Butt
ECAE 3103 Professor: Bowman 2/15/17 Culture Reflection Paper My parents are from Pakistan and I am first generation American. Throughout my life I\'ve battled with embracing my cultural heritage and being ashamed of it. As I child, all I wanted was to be "American". Our customs and traditions were a little different too. As I grew out of my embarrassment, I truly began to embrace my culture. What I learned from growing up in a culturally different household was that my family traditions were di...

Christian prayer
Running Head: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 1 Domestic Violence By: Hannah Butt Social Psychology Professor: Jennifer L. Landau 11/29/17 DOMETIC VIOLENCE 2 Domestic violence is when one partner in an intimate relationship abuses the other. The abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or a combination of all three. Other terms used for domestic violence are stalking, verbal abuse and battering. Domestic violence exists within all cultures, ethnicities, faiths, age groups, education levels, income levels, an...

Abuse, Human behavior, Violence, Behavior, Domestic violence, Violence against women, Violence against men, Crime, Intimate partner violence, Sexual violence, Psychological abuse, Cycle of violence