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Name : Shad Burnett
Name : Shad Burnett

This 854 word essay (5 pages) is about Greek mythology, LGBT themes in mythology, Epic Cycle, Achilles, Iliad, Thetis, Agamemnon, Peleus, English translations of Homer

Name : Shad Burnett Student Number : 214376016 Tutorial Leader : Ila Goody Tutorial Time : Thursdays 8:30-10:30 Date : November 7, 2017 Short Assignment #2 The Il iad of Homer is an epic containing several interesting characters; of all these characters, one stands out above the rest and is more than worthy of a thorough analysis. Th e character, Achilles; a man birth ed from a sea nymph and a mortal man , is recognized as the protagonist of the epic. With an anger so uncontrollable , a pride s...

Name :_ _________________Student no.___________Tut
Name :_ _________________Student no.___________Tut

This 442 word essay (4 pages) is about Sewing, Economy, Visual arts, Technology, Carmen, Automated teller machine, Cash register

Name :_ _Student no._Tutorial day & time_ AF2111 Template on analytical assignment - Write with BLUE point pen please. How would you report on the three-month operations of Ribbons an\' Bows, Inc.; through June 30 ( Use a few words to state the financial statements that you will use to communicate to users)? Was the company profitable (show the relevant financial statement to explain whether the difference is positive or negative)? Why did its cash in the bank decline during the three-month...


This 780 word essay (4 pages) is about Literature, Spacecraft, Fiction, Odyssey, Ulysses, Odysseus, Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The question of Ulysses\' heroism depends on the definition of a hero. The Collins dictionary describes heroes as ‘someone especially a man who has done something brave new or good and who is therefore greatly admired by a lot of people\' by this standards Ulysses more than qualifies for a hero however I believe a hero is that and more. A hero for me is a person who risks their lives for the good of others not for the fame and glory but for the good feeling. In my standards, Ulysses fails sho...

Chris Drown The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks P
Chris Drown The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks P

This 2760 word essay (12 pages) is about Wellcome Book Prize, Henrietta Lacks, Henrietta, HeLa, Rebecca Skloot, Biology, Film, Non-fiction

roject Double Entry Journals Quotes "Lord, it just feels like that blackness be spreadin all inside me." -Henrietta Lacks Chapter 5 | Page 48 | Last Paragraph Responses While reading this section, I felt as though there was such a vivid sense of imagery. Here she is comparing her cancer to a "blackness" that has taken over her life and her body. It shows exactly how she felt, and that the cancer was truly killing her. Sadie had been Henrietta\'s friend for a very long time. She was very familiar...

Geometry can be defined as The branch of mathemat
Geometry can be defined as The branch of mathemat

This 974 word essay (5 pages) is about Mathematics, Geometry, Ancient Greek mathematicians, Angle, Euclidean plane geometry, Foundations of geometry, Triangle geometry, Euclidean geometry, Pythagoras, Pythagorean theorem, Euclid, Right angle

Geometry can be defined as "The branch of mathematics that treats the properties, measurement, and relations of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids."1 But what most people don\'t know is that geometry is much more than that definition. Geometry is what helps designs buildings, it\'s what helps make our cars, houses, ramps, most of the things we use every day are connected to geometry somehow. Geometry is so much more than a subject we study in school, geometry is everything. And thanks...

Euclid is one of the most popular mathematicians t
Euclid is one of the most popular mathematicians t

This 772 word essay (5 pages) is about Mathematics, Geometry, Foundations of geometry, Ancient Greek mathematicians, Euclidean plane geometry, Euclid's Elements, Euclid, Angle, Pythagorean theorem, Golden ratio, Mathematical proof, Greek mathematics

Euclid is one of the most popular mathematicians that have ever existed. He has influenced the world and changed the way we see math for generations to come. Thanks to Euclid we have what is known today as geometry. "He is often referred to as the "father of geometry" due to the concepts he explored in  Elements of Geometry , his most famous and influential wor k ." 1 It has been said that besides for the Bible the "Elements of Geometry" has been the most studied book around the world. Euclid...

Beowulf overall is an interesting film and poem. I
Beowulf overall is an interesting film and poem. I

This 974 word essay (4 pages) is about Literature, Beowulf, Fiction, Culture, English folklore, Geats, Anglo-Saxon paganism, English-language films, The Dragon, Hrothgar, Wiglaf, Grendel

t is about a courageous hero who is very visual. The same thing is for the film as well. As always, there are differences between films and books that are noticeable. The same thing goes with Beowulf as well. The differences did not take that much away from the plot, but it changed how some of the character\'s attitudes are or respond to certain events. The similarities can range from the plot, description of characters, setting, and the overall theme are the same. However, differences in the t...

S. NO.
S. NO.

This 317 word essay (6 pages) is about Krishna

Lawyer- SC Contact KTS Tulsi (s) [email protected], Ambika- 9899710429 KK Venugopal [email protected] Gopal Subramaniam [email protected] Siddharth luthra [email protected] Saurabh Ajay Gupta (AOR) [email protected] UU Lalit [email protected] G. Natrajan [email protected] M. N. Krishnamani (s) Ardhendumauli Kumar (AOR) [email protected] Soli Sorabjee Rajan Narain [email protected] Pinky Anand [email protected], [email protected] PH Pa...


This 247 word essay (2 pages) is about West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Vegetarianism, Privity

DATE: 05/09/2015 PLACE: NUJS FLAT NO.7 TIME: 6: 30 P.M. Parties to Contracts: Pragya Goyal (Party 1) Shreya Purti (Party 2) Pragya Goyal and Shreya Purti in p resence of Deepshikha Dhar hereby agree on the fact that Shreya Purti will not eat non-vegetarian food for one month anywhere , starting from 06/09/2015 to 05/10/2015. Any breach to this contract will result in : C ompensation in form of treat in any food shop amounting to 50/- only . This implies that each time the party breaches the con...


This 181 word essay (1 pages) is about Ethics, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Law, Jurisprudence, Knowledge, Philosophy of law

Experience comes only when one tries to perform something. Being a law student, I understand that how important the law is, and its use in the society. Everyone has the knowledge that there is particular code of conduct, which prohibits people from committing any wrong. But when someone commits any act, it is often seen that victim becomes reluctant to take action against the culprit due to various reasons. So it becomes the duty of people who knows the importance of law and helps such people i...