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This 1171 word essay (8 pages) is about BSE SENSEX, CNX Nifty, Economy of Kolkata, ITC, Sustainability reporting, Economy of India, Economy, Sustainability metrics and indices, Business

Sustain ITC\'s position as one of India\'s most valuable corporations through world class performance, creating growing value for the Indian economy and the Company\'s stakeholders THE ITC MISSION » To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalising environment, delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value Core Values   ITC\'s Core Values are aimed at developing a customer-focused, high-performance organisation which creates value for all its stakeholders:...

As a professional accountant, it must keep the rig
As a professional accountant, it must keep the rig

This 627 word essay (3 pages) is about Auditing, Economy, Business, Corporate governance, Corporate law, Audit, Accountant, Legal professional privilege

ht of confidentially, which an accountant in public practice shall not disclose any confidential client information without the permission of the client. The client has the right to have access to those information which related to the client and permission to transfer the information to another accountant or any third parties. However, the right of confidentially is also applied by the auditor when fraud is found during an audit. Usually, the behavior of disclose the fraud to parties other tha...


This 636 word essay (4 pages) is about Systems engineering, Systems thinking, Systems theory, Management, Military strategy, Scenario planning, Neuropsychology, Economy, Planning, Transition scenario

- Paul J. H. Shoemaker (READING 4) Among the many tools the manager can use for strategic planning, scenario planning stands out for its ability to capture the whole range of possibilities in rich detail. By identifying basic trend uncertainties, a manager can construct a series of scenarios that will help to compensate for the usual error in decision making- overconfidence and tunnel vision. Through case studies of inter-public, an international advertising agency and Anglo-American Corporatio...

Olivia Bracci ENG3U1 26 October 2016 The Reoccurre
Olivia Bracci ENG3U1 26 October 2016 The Reoccurre

This 1697 word essay (6 pages) is about Fiction, Literature, Arts, English-language films, Allegory, Lord of the Flies, Irony, William Golding, Ironic

Olivia Bracci ENG3U1 26 October 2016 The Reoccurrence of Irony in Lord of the Flies Irony, the expression of meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. Irony is something that is common in many past and present works of literature, one example being Lord of the Flies by William Golding. This novel takes place on a deserted island with a group of boys ranging in ages from three to twelve years old. They unsuccessfully attempt to uph...


This 2126 word essay (9 pages) is about English-language films, Literature, Fiction, Film, Jane Eyre, British films, Bertha Mason, Spanish Town, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Jane, Adaptations of Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea

Jane Eyre00 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Chapter 26 Summary Sophie helps Jane dress for the wedding, and Rochester and Jane walk to the church. Jane notes a pair of strangers reading the headstones in the churchyard cemetery. When Jane and Rochester enter the church, the two strangers are also present. When the priest asks if anyone objects to the ceremony, one of the strangers answers: "The marriage cannot go on: I declare the existence of an impediment." Rochester attempts to proceed with the c...

Rational Choice & Psychopathy: A Theoretical C
Rational Choice & Psychopathy: A Theoretical C

This 1761 word essay (15 pages) is about Criminology, Psychology, Forensic psychology, Psychopathy, Applied psychology, Crime, Dark triad, Rational choice theory, Robert D. Hare, Crime prevention

Rational Choice & Psychopathy: A Theoretical Comparison Dylan Brown CRIM 300w C100 October 11, 2015 Introduction Within the discipline of criminology, the examining of why people commit crime is of vital importance in the ongoing discussion of how crime should be controlled and averted. Many criminological theories have materialized over time, and these philosophies continue to be studied, independently as well as in amalgamation, as criminologists ultimately pursue preeminent solutions in...

The Criminal Code of Canada - Section 335 (1) &
The Criminal Code of Canada - Section 335 (1) &

This 1420 word essay (16 pages) is about Criminal law, Elements of crime, Law, Forensic psychology, Criminal law of Canada, Actus reus, Theft, Mens rea, Concurrence, Attempt, Consent, Intention

; 335 (1.1) Dylan Brown CRIM 230 C100 September 21, 2014 The Canadian criminal justice system is founded upon the principle that any citizen of Canada, whilst under investigation to have committed or have influenced or associated in any way to any alleged criminal behaviour, is afforded the assumption of innocence until proven beyond a reasonable doubt he or she committed a culpable act (actus reus) and constructed and maintained a guilty mind (mens rea) (Verdun-Jones, 2011, p.23). In essence,...

Routine Activities & General Strain: A Theoret
Routine Activities & General Strain: A Theoret

This 2554 word essay (21 pages) is about Criminology, Crime, Law enforcement, Criminal justice, Routine activity theory, Rational choice theory, Robert Agnew, Strain theory, General strain theory, Sex offender

Routine Activities & General Strain: A Theoretical Examination Of Dr. Patrick Dylan Brown CRIM 300W C100 November 8, 2015 Introduction Central to criminology is the examining of why individuals commit crime. Gender, age, as well as economic status, social position, and geographical elements are just a few of the various components social scientists have observed in attempting to better explain criminality. Throughout their investigations, criminologists may formulate theories based off thei...

Essay 1
Essay 1

This 1069 word essay (12 pages) is about Crime, Criminology, Crime in the United States, Race and crime in the United States, Uniform Crime Reports, Criminal justice, Crime statistics, Behavior, Quantitative methods in criminology

By: Dylan Brown Tutor-marker: Jenny Benoit CRIM 101 C100 Race-crime statistics, and the questions surrounding the ethical collection and distribution of data pertaining to the race or ethnicity of criminal offenders and victims of crime, is a controversial topic that is highly debated amongst modern- day criminologists (Sacco & Kennedy, 2011). The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, in collaboration with policing agencies throughout Canada, is the agency in charge of assembling crime fi...

An Interdisciplinary Examination of Drug and Alcoh
An Interdisciplinary Examination of Drug and Alcoh

This 3876 word essay (36 pages) is about Psychiatric diagnosis, Psychiatry, Substance abuse, Neuroscience, Behavior, Social conflict, Drug control law, Substance dependence, Prohibition of drugs, Alcohol abuse, Abuse, Violence

ol Abuse and Violent Behaviour Dylan Brown CRIM 314 C100 March 15, 2015 Within scientific literature, there are often claims that a statistical associations exists between drug and alcohol consumption and criminal behaviour; specifically, crimes of a violent nature (cite). However, there is a limited amount of material that incorporates an inclusive dialogue of several different, diverse disciplines and their findings pertaining to the complex relationship between substance abuse and violence....