Your Name Chemistry Your Teacher Chemistry Paper (Pure Substances) What is a pure substance? Pure substances have two characteristics. One is that the percentage of composition is always the same from one sample to the next. Secondly, pure substances melt and/or boil at a characteristic temperature. There are two types of pure substances. Pure substances are either elements or compounds. An element is not chemically decomposable into other elements, and element properties do not vary. Compounds
Paper Chromatography Lab Report Introduction Background Information The word chromatography comes from the Greek and literally means color writing. The technique was first described by the Russian botanist Mikhail Tswett in 1903. He dissolved the pigments of green leaves in a mixture of petroleum ether and alcohol, poured some of the resulting deep green solution onto powdered chalk packed in a vertical glass tube, let it soak in, and then added more solvent. The colored constituents of the lea
Janet Reno is the first woman Attorney General of the United States of America. Nominated by President Bill Clinton on February 11, 1993, Reno was sworn in as the nation's seventy-eighth attorney general on March 12, 1993. Janet Reno was born on July 21, 1938 in Miami, Florida. Her father, Henry Reno, came to the United States from Denmark. For forty-three years, Mr. Reno was a police reporter for the Miami HeraId; he died in 1967. Jane Wood Reno, Janet Reno's mother, raised her children and th
GENDER DISCRIMINATION What is discrimination? It is that anytime a distinction is made in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of an unfavorable opinion formed beforehand. We have all heard examples of such treatment, and most of us have experienced it ourselves. Unfortunately, most of it occurs in the very places that should be above it, beginning in school and continuing into the workplace. In addition to age, gender is one of the universal dimensions on which status differences
SMOKING Nicotine, the most widely used addicting drug. Tobacco affects the chemistry of the brain. Smoking refers to the practice of inhaling smoke from the burning tobacco pipe, cigar, or most commonly a cigarette. The relaxation smokers feel is because the tobacco contains nicotine an addictive alkaloid. However, a number of diseases have been directly linked to smoking, and in the U.S.A alone tobacco use kills about 420,000 smokers each year. The passive inhalation of secondhand smoke causes
Evolution and philosophy have a relationship as old as the idea of evolution itself. This is a partly due to the fact that science and philosophy only separated about the time evolutionary theories were being first proposed, but also because - especially in the Darwinian context - evolution was opposed to many cherished philosophical doctrines. The first main criticisms of evolution lay in the idea that species were eternal types, and so by definition species could not change. More recently, cr
FRANKENSTEIN Victor Frankenstein decided that wanted to create a being out of people that were already dead. He believed that he could bring people back from dead. Victor Frankenstein feeling that he had no friends, the only thing he liked was writing letters to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was not Victor's real sister but he loved her alot, he made sure that he wrote her everytime he got a chance to. Yet, when Victor felt something strange came over him. Already being interested in subjects such as na
DuPonts DuPont is one of the oldest continuously operating industrial enterprises in the world. The company was established in 1802 near Wilmington, Delaware, by a French immigrant, Eleuthére Irénée du Pont de Nemours, to produce black powder. E. I. du Pont had been a student of Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry, and he brought to America some new ideas about the manufacture of consistently reliable gun and blasting powder. His product ignited when it was supposed to, in a manne
The Life of Amadeo Avogadro Lorenzo Romano Amadeo Carlo Avogadro, was born in Turin, Italy, on the 9th of August, 1776. He was the son of Count Filippo Avogadro and Anna Maria Vercellone. Avogadro's father was a well known lawyer and a civil servant. His father was made president of the state of Vittorio. Avogadro went to school in Turin and at the age of twenty he had his doctrine in ecclesiastical law. In spite of his successful legal career Avogadro showed interest in natural philosophy. In
When you think of professional athletes, such as football and basketball players, what usually comes to mind? Maybe it’s their outstanding abilities. Maybe it’s their extremely large salaries. Maybe they are your role models and idols. One thing is for sure, it is definitely not their intelligence. Throughout the years, low intelligence has been associated with athletes. This stereotype is outdated, and I will show you why. Most people think of football players as dumb jocks. These people belie
Description of Occupation/Work Performed An Elementary School teacher teaches kindergarten and elementary school student's academic, social, and physical skills. They plan age appropriate activities including many hands-on exercises. A teacher will prepare lessons, assign homework, evaluate student performance, and maintain classroom discipline. She or he can use games, music, artwork, films, computers, and other technology to teach children basic skills. All teachers grade papers, prepare repo
Astrology Report When one understands how the universe affects them, they can begin to understand their own internal universe of subtle energies which affects them. When one learns to develop this inner universe, they can gradually be freed of dependence on the outer. The ultimate purpose of astrology is to help a person to understand that they can develop themselves inwardly, so as to filter out the harmful influences, and make the best use of the beneficial ones. If the human race knew and un
Computer Engineering Throughout today’s society there is no way that you could accurately say technology has not, and will not, influence us anymore. Current technology is moving at such a faster pace, that it is incredible what sorts of things we have. So whom do we give all of the credit to? Who or whom was it that was and is moving technology forward? Well, believe it or not, it’s the engineers’ job, not seclusively, but in general. Their career is based on finding, building, researching, cr
Veterinary Medicine Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the diseases of animals. Treating pets is one of the most profitable fields in veterinary medicine. The proper vaccination of animals and the diagnosis of diseases are part of a veterinarian’s duties. The first step to a career in veterinary medicine is deciding that it is the right path for you. If you like animals, enjoy working with your hands as well as your mind, and want a challenging job with different resp
Sanchez 1 Derrick Sanchez Christine Brandel Eng 150 20 March 2000 In response to Amy Lowell’s “Patterns” Why do people fall in love? People don’t live forever. When a person falls in love, they know about a famous thief called Death. People are also vulnerable to what pain others can inflict. When people lose a loved one they fill with anger and sadness and are left alone. People lie to each other. People cheat with each other. People hurt each other. People beat each other. People kill each ot
Nuclear chemistry creates many different phenomena that interest chemists, from the new chemical tools they provide to the subtle changes in chemical behaviors because of the differences in the nuclei. Nuclear chemists focus mainly on the differences and similarities of an elements isotopes, weather they are stable or radioactive isotopes. But what is nuclear chemistry? We will explore that in this paper, starting with atomic structure: what is an atom make up of, Quantum mechanics, probability
The English scene of the seventeenth century is a particularly rich one with regard to its contributions to the scientific revolution. The discovery and development of America moved Britain from the edge of the civilized world into the center of the new world, in which the sciences were to play a major role. During this period, in the field of chemistry, theories which offered direct opposition to Aristotelian natural philosophy and Paracelsian principles were rapidly disseminating. These notio
Argon Argon is an inert gaseous element. It is the third most prevalent noble gas in the earth’s atmosphere. It is present to the extent of .94% by volume. It’s symbol is Ar. The name Argon came from the Greek word "argos" meaning "inactive". Argon is colorless and odorless. It is in group 18 on the periodic table. It’s atomic number is 18 and it’s atomic weight is 39,948 U. Argon melts at -189.3 degrees Celsius and boils at -185.86 degrees Celsius. Argon is the third lowest in weight of the Nob
Chemist The career that I have chosen for my report and that I may choose to pursue, is that of a chemist. Chemists spend their time studying and experimenting with chemicals of different varieties. This is what is known as chemistry. Five subdivisions, or branches, are used to classify the various aspects of chemistry. These five are Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Geochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry. The two school subjects most relevant to chemistry are Mathematics and
Glenn Seaborg was born in Ishpeming, Michigan in the year of 1912 and has made major contributions to the field of science as a educator, administrator and discover. In the 1930’s and 1940’s and 1950’s at E.O., Lawrence’s lab in Berkley and the University of Chicago, Seaborg made many discoveries / CO-discoveries in the now known actinide series. During the previously mentioned span of 30 years Seaborg taught chemistry at the University of California becoming an assistant professor in 1941 and
How many times can one cut a piece of gold in half? A Greek philosopher named Democritus was the first in a long line of scientists and mathematicians to try to answer this very difficult question. Around 450 BC, Democritus stated that all mater was composed of particles that he called atomos (where the English word atom comes from) and that these particles could not be cut. This went against the present day theory of Aristotle which was that matter could be cut infinitely. Unfortunately for Dem
Galileo Probe After a six year journey through the solar system and being inexorably accelerated to a speed of 170,700 km/hour by Jupiter’s tremendous gravitational pull, the Galileo Probe successfully entered Jupiter’s atmosphere on 12/7/95. During the first two minutes of this most difficult atmospheric entry ever attempted, near-probe temperatures twice as hot as the Sun’s surface and deceleration forces as great as 230 times the acceleration of gravity at Earth’s surface were produced as the
The theory of evolution, as set forth by Charles Darwin in 1859, stated that all plant and animal life evolved over long periods of time from simple to more complicated forms through mutation and adaptation. He also taught that only the fittest of each species would survive. He further postulated that the first living cell evolved in a "warm warm little pond" and that it took billions of years for the present diversity of living things to evolve. At the time, it was thought that the few "missing
Gaia and Plate Tectonics Geologists and biologists have traditionally thought of life as having adapted to changes in the environmental conditions over time, but a new view of the earth derived from the Gaia theory has emerged. Many scientists now look at the entire earth as an organism, where living and nonliving matter evolve together maintaining an environment nearly ideal for life. The Gaia theory maintains that soon after the formation of life, and organisms began to change the environment,
Benjamin Franklin-Scientist and Inventor American Studies May 20, 1996 Benjamin Franklin has influenced American technology, and indirectly, lifestyles by using his proficiencies and intelligence to conduct numerous experiments, arrive at theories, and produce several inventions. Franklin's scientific and analytical mind enabled him to generate many long lasting achievements which contributed to the development and refinement of modern technology. Few national heroes, including George Washington
The History of Phamaceutical Compounding The profession of pharmacy was founded in the art and science of compounding medications. The beginning of compounding dates back to medieval times with priests, monks, and medicine men. Specialization first occurred in the early 9th century in the civilized world around Baghdad. Over time it gradually spread to Europe as alchemy evolved into chemistry as doctors began to abandon beliefs that were not demonstrable in the physical world. During this time,
Marie Curie Marie Sklodowska Curie was one of the first woman scientists to win world-wide fame and win a Nobel prize. She was born on November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. Her family was poor and consisted of her mother, a musician, her father, a teacher and her three older sisters and her brother. Her family took in boarders, one of which had a deadly disease, which her mother later died of. She was raised in a family that valued education. She got late start with her education, however, and obt
The Sun Ryan Bender Geology Period-3 10/5/98 Of all the stars in our galaxy we find our Sun the most important. For the sun supports life on earth and keeps the planets in a certain "line".Without the sun we could not survive. History of the Sun People have studied the stars since day one. Many cultures have studied and worshiped the sun. This was the earliest form of studying the moon. In 1611Galileo, using the telescope that he invented, discovered dark spots on the moon. Galileo blazed the wa
How much Iron is in Cereal? November 18, 1998 Chemistry Lab #8 I. QUESTION - The two questions posed in this lab were: How much iron is in breakfast cereal? -&- What form of iron is it in (Fe++, Fe+++, or Fe)? II. HYPOTHESIS - The consented hypotheses of the class were: The amount of iron in breakfast cereal is equal to the amount given on the cereal box nutritional label as a function of daily intake. -&- The form of iron is Fe (not Fe++ or Fe+++). These are reasonable hypotheses because it is
The Metallurgy of Copper Wire Introduction Copper is the preferred and predominant choice in the electrical industry because of its high conductivity, both electrical and thermal. In order to obtain the required properties, unalloyed high purity copper is almost always used. This article discusses the rationale for this choice, and pays particular attention to the underlying metallurgical principles. It is intended to serve as a technical discussion of pertinent developments spanning the past se
Cross-Cultural Comparison of Physical Fitness A cross-sectional study of 12 schools, one primary and one secondary, revealed the coronary risk of youths in Singapore. These studies were taken from each of the six geographical regions of Singapore. Children enter Primary School at approximately age six, and secondary school at approximately age twelve. To get a more evenly distributed age and gender sample, four additional schools were also added. The ethnic groups of the entire group consisted o
OUR FOOD SYSTEM Group1 1 After a long hard day of work you sit down in your comfortable recliner and open up your favorite snack. But when you reach into grab a piece, you pull out a dead bug. Suddenly many thoughts come into your mind, you wonder how did the bug get there and was it dead or alive. Is it harmful or carry a disease. You ask yourself did the bug come from the United States or another country and where was your snack made? As all these questions come into your head, you wonder who
Analytical Chemistry -Analysis -determination of quality and quantity of a sample -steps of chemical analysis -determine objective -determine a method -acquire sample -sample preparation -quantitation (experiment) -interpretation of results -evaluation of error -Errors -determinate errors -affect accuracy -can be constant or proportional -are controllable (errors in procedure) -lead to differences between the obtained results and the truth -detection of constant error -compare to a norm value -s
The Synthesis and Characterization of Ferrocene Since ferrocene is credited with the rapid acceleration of modern organotransition metal chemistry (1,2) and the cyclopentadienyl group is extensively used as a stabilizing ligand, it is only fitting that the synthesis of ferrocene be incorporated into an advanced undergraduate inorganic laboratory. In our four credit course, the students work in pairs and have the opportunity to select six experiments from a total of nine. Three of these experimen
Chemical Reactions Chemical reactions are the heart of chemistry. People have always known that they exist. The Ancient Greeks were the firsts to speculate on the composition of matter. They thought that it was possible that individual particles made up matter. Later, in the Seventeenth Century, a German chemist named Georg Ernst Stahl was the first to postulate on chemical reaction, specifically, combustion. He said that a substance called phlogiston escaped into the air from all substances dur
Carbonhydrate INTRODUCTION A theme that we have seen and studied in this class is that a particular form or structure of a molecule plays a significant role in the function of that molecule. Since we are interested in the function of molecules. it helps to study their structure. One of the major classes of organic compounds found in cells are carbohydrates. These carbohydrate are made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a ratio of 1:2:1 respectively with a general formula of X(CH2O)n. When the ca
Carbon "Seldom has a single discovery in chemistry had such a impact on the thinking of so many fields of human endeavor. Seldom has a single discovery generated such wide public interest." From Taylor, 1987 The radiocarbon dating process was developed by physicist Willard F. Libby (please see photo) in 1948 with the help of two scientists, Dr. E.C. Anderson and Dr. James R. Arnold. Libby was born on December 17, 1908 in Grand Valley, Colorado. He taught at the University of California-Berkeley
Chemistry Social Issues SPELLING/PUNCTUALITY MISTAKES MAY BE PRESENT--PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK...JUST A WARNING Recently the cloning of a living life form was brought from the realms of science fiction to reality with the cloning of a sheep named Dolly. The instantaneous reaction of the world have been mixed. So many questions arise. What if some one like Suddam Huisein had access to this technology? Would people want to identical copies of deceased friend and relative? What are the chances of people
Comparison of Kevin Klein's Hamlet, Lawrence Olivier's Hamlet and Mel Gibson's hamlet comparison compare contrast essays Compare/Contrast Kevin Klein's Hamlet, Lawrence Olivier's Hamlet and Mel Gibson's hamlet ������� Hamlet is one of the best known pieces of literature around the world, and has fascinated many people from all walks of life, from critics to psychologists.� There has been much speculation to the different interpretations of the play.� Every reader has his or her
An Explanation Of Terrorism An Explanation of Terrorism After browsing through Stephen E. Atkins book Terrorism, I soon learned many interesting things regarding the history of terrorism. It seems this form of protest has been around since Biblical times. Also, the main goal of a terrorist is not to do damage to one peticular person or place, but to gain publicity for an idea they support. (page 1) Evidence of this can be found by looking at the recent past of the United States. The Oklahoma bom
Alchemy Alchemy, ancient art practiced especially in the Middle Ages, devoted chiefly to discovering a substance that would transmute the more common metals into gold or silver and to finding a means of indefinitely prolonging human life. Although its purposes and techniques were dubious and often illusory, alchemy was in many ways the predecessor of modern science, especially the science of chemistry. The birthplace of alchemy was ancient Egypt, where, in Alexandria, it began to flourish in the
Biology Biology is the science of living systems. It is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring knowledge of the physical sciences and mathematics, although specialities may be oriented toward a group of organisms or a level of organization. BOTANY is concerned with plant life, ZOOLOGY with animal life, algology with ALGAE, MYCOLOGY with fungi, MICROBIOLOGY with microorganisms such as protozoa and bacteria, CYTOLOGY with CELLS, and so on. All biological specialties, however, are concerned with l
Chemistry Of Natural Water The purpose of this experiment is to explore the hardness of the water on campus. Hard water has been a problem for hundreds of years. One of the earliest references to the hardness or softness of water is in Hippocrates discourse on water quality in Fifth century B.C. Hard water causes many problems in both in the household and in the industrial world. One of the largest problems with hard water is that it tends to leave a residue when it evaporates. Aside from being
Information Technology Information technology is a rapidly growing part of today's society. It affects everyone's life in many aspects. Every human endeavor is influenced by information technology and the increasing rate at which what it can perform includes. One area of human endeavor that information technology has greatly influenced is the practice of medicine, specifically veterinary medicine. Not only has veterinary medicine been influenced by information technology, it has also been enhanc
Lasers When most people see a laser beam they are amazed by its unique physical properties. Laser light is so unique from other light because it is coherent; unlike ordinary light, which travels in all directions, laser light travels in a straight beam. The word laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The history of the laser is very interesting. Lasers have changed immensely since they were first invented. Before the laser was invented, Charles Townes de
Legend Of Love Approximately 500 versions of the Cinderella story are in circulation, making it one of the most famous tales in the world. The plot in this timeless classic has been used as a model for writers for countless generations. Whether in print or on film, Cinderella is an inspirational story. It allows young girls to fantasize being swept off their feet by a sweet, handsome prince, marry and live happily ever after. For over hundreds of years the story has been refined and reworked, wh
Life Of Arthur Conan Doyle Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a British physician who later devoted his life to writing, has become one of the most popular and widespread authors and creators of all time. Doyle's early childhood years to his later years in life have allowed him to observe many sophisticated yet adventurous paths, in which have inspired him greatly to become an influence on spiritualistic views as an author and crusader. His interests and achievements in medic
Massage Therapy The practice of massage therapy is rapidly growing in the United States. It has numerous benefits to offer and is becoming more widely accepted as a medical practice by doctors and the general public. Massage is defined as: …the systematic manual or mechanical manipulations of the soft tissues of the body by such movements as rubbing, kneading, pressing, rolling, slapping, and tapping, for therapeutic purposes such as promoting circulation of the blood and lymph, relaxation of
Reductionims The concept of reductionism has become an overlooked part of our daily lives. The terms 'analytic' and 'reductionist' refer to a particular mental attitude or manner of thinking that has dominated the modern period and has replaced the synthetic and hierarchical pattern of thought. This transformation occurs in virtually every domain...including, theology, philosophy, literature, politics, economics, and art, but its typical seminal form is to be found in the sciences, the natural s
The Atom An atom is the smallest unit of matter that is recognizable as a chemical ELEMENT. Atoms of different elements may also combine into systems called MOLECULES, which are the smallest units of chemical COMPOUNDS. In all these ordinary processes, atoms may be considered as the ancient Greeks imagined them to be: the ultimate building blocks of matter. When stronger forces are applied to atoms, however, the atoms may break up into smaller parts. Thus atoms are actually composites and not un