Frankenstein In Marry Shelley�s Frankenstein, the powerful creature represents the physical manifestation of the ugliness and selfishness of Victor�s desires as well as being the solution for his need to escape from the elements that threaten his way of life. Victor chose to embark on the arduous task of creating what he perceived as perfection. To him, this creation was intended to be both intelligent and powerful, immortal and beautiful. He was seeking the perfect humanoid entity that he t
Mechanical Engineers A mechanical engineer works with the principles of motion, energy and force. Usually a machine changes one form of movement into another. Mechanical engineers design machines whose parts work in a safe, reliable and efficient way. Mechanical engineers apply scientific method to find the answers to mechanical problems. Many laws and principles developed by scientists are used every day by the mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers contribute to many industries and occupati
Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the diseases of animals. Treating pets is one of the most profitable fields in veterinary medicine. The proper vaccination of animals and the diagnosis of diseases are part of a veterinarian�s duties. The first step to a career in veterinary medicine is deciding that it is the right path for you. If you like animals, enjoy working with your hands as well as your mind, and want a challenging jo
Magnesium Magnesium is the twelfth element on the periodic table. It is located in the second group called the alkaline earth metals. Natural magnesium contains three different isotopes, and there are twelve others that are recognized. Seawater is a rich source of magnesium in the form of salt. Magnesium is the eighth most abundant element in the earth's crust. Magnesium readily ignites upon heating in air and burns with a dazzling white flame. To extinguish the flame water should not be used. A
A Study in Scarlet was written in 1887 by Sir Arthur Doyle. It was a mysterious case of love, murder, and revenge. Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson used the science of deduction to solve this mysterious case and catch the killer. The first section of the book took place in 1878 in London, England. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson shared an apartment together on 221b Baker street. The first murder was held in Lauriston Gardens. The second murder took place in Hallidays Private Hotel. The se
How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us? Introductory Paragraph, including thesis statement I. Description of Artificial Intelligence A. Descriptions of AI 1. Definition of AI 2. Coined in 1956 B. How AI can be achieved 1. Specialized software 2. Specialized computer systems 3. Add-on applications C. How can we measure the ability to think 1. Relative brain-power 2. Usefulness of the application II. How AI is developed A. Neural Networks 1. Membrane of neurodes 2. Chain of past experiences 3. Le
PART ONE CONTENTS --------------------3 SELFREALISATION AND DIRECTION FOR THE ADOLESCENT PART TWO CONTENTS ---------------------59 MANIFESTATIONS OF AWARENESS PART THREE CONTENTS -----------------104 PHILOSOPHICAL CONTENTS PART ONE. BOLD = MAIN TITLES. REGULAR = SUB TITLES. ----------------------------------------------------------------PAGE FORWARD -----------------------------------------------------4 INTELLECTUALITY -----------------------------------------8 DEDICATION ----------------------
Importance of the Renaissance Period for European Overseas Exploration The purpose of this essay is to explain why the Renaissance must have occurred in order for Europe to begin overseas exploration. During the Renaissance, many new ideas formed, and many old ideas were reborn. Some of these ideas that affected overseas exploration for Europe are technological advancements in cartography, printing, and navigational devices for ships. The word Renaissance means rebirth of knowledge. during the
Marie Curie and Her Discovery of Radium and Polonium Marie Curie was born Manya Sklodowska on November 7, 1867, in Warsaw, Poland. Her mother was the director of a boarding school for girls. Her father was a professor of physics and math at a high school in Warsaw. Manya was the youngest of her brother and three sisters. Her brothers name was Joseph and her sisters names were Zosia, Hela, and Bronya. In 1871, when Manya was at the age of four, her mother died of tuberculosis. This left her fat
Character Analysis: Ralph: main character- Ralph is the narrator of the story. Jack: Jack is Ralph main enemy in the story. He leads the hunters. Piggy: Piggy is the smart one of the group. Simon: He is my favorite character in the story. He is viewed as the Christ-figure and interprets the mysteries of the island. Roger: Roger is Jacks sidekick and is a vicious murderer at heart. Sam and Eric: The twins stick close to Ralph until they are forced to join the hunters. Their main job is to watc
In the Will to Power, Nietzsche claims: The will to power interprets (-it is a question of interpretation when an organ is constructed): it defines limits, determines degrees, variations of power. Mere variations of power could not feel themselves to be such: there must be present something that wants to grow and interprets the value of whatever else wants to grow. Equal in that- In fact, interpretation is itself a means of becoming master of something. (The organic process constantly presuppos
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Many people notice that as soon as the winter months start approaching their mood changes and they become more depressed, they get more down and blue during the winter months. These people have SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. When it starts get dark earlier and winter comes closer and closer, these people become more and more depressed. Symptoms of this disorder usually start in September and can last until April, but its the worst during the darkest months.
How many times can one cut a piece of gold in half? A Greek philosopher named Democritus was the first in a long line of scientists and mathematicians to try to answer this very difficult question. Around 450 BC, Democritus stated that all mater was composed of particles that he called atomos (where the English word atom comes from) and that these particles could not be cut. This went against the present day theory of Aristotle which was that matter could be cut infinitely. Unfortunately for De
about oxygen Oxygen is a Group 16 element. Oxygen is the third most abundant element found in the sun, and it plays a part in the carbon-nitrogen cycle, one process responsible for stellar energy production. Oxygen in excited states is responsible for the bright red and yellow-green colours of the aurora. The atmosphere of Mars contains about 0.15% oxygen. About two thirds of the human body, and nine tenths of water, is oxygen. The gas is colourless, odourless, and tasteless. Liquid and solid o
Brave New World (1932) is one of the most insidious works of literature ever written. An exaggeration? Tragically, no. Brave New World has come to serve as the false symbol for any regime of universal happiness. So how does Huxley turn a future where we're all notionally happy into the archetypal dystopia? If it's technically feasible, what's wrong with using biotechnology to get rid of mental pain altogether? Brave New World is an unsettling, loveless and even sinister place. This is because H
ALFRED NOBEL'S WILL I, the undersigned, Alfred Bernhard Nobel, do hereby, after mature deliberation, declare the following to be my last Will and Testament with respect to such property as may be left by me at the time of my death: To my nephews, Hjalmar and Ludvig Nobel, the sons of my brother Robert Nobel, I bequeath the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Crowns each; To my nephew Emanuel Nobel, the sum of Three Hundred Thousand, and to my niece Mina Nobel, One Hundred Thousand Crowns; To my brother
Carbon is one of the most important chemical elements. Industry uses it in a wide variety of products, and all living things are based on carbon. Without carbon, life would be impossible! Yet carbon makes up less than 0.03 percent of the earths crust. Pure carbon exists in nature in the form of diamonds, and in graphite. Both forms are pure carbon with different crystal structures. Another form of pure carbon, called amorphous carbon, consists of graphite-like particles too tiny to see without
Chemistry Essay - Water Water covers nearly three quarters of the earth and is present in air, land and, of course, sea. Most living things contain a large proportion of water, the human body is about 60% water. Water is essential for life as we know it. The physical states of water are determined by the structure of its molecules, which in turn is affected by temperature. As ice melts, its rigidly arranged molecules move more and more freely. As water is heated, the molecules move even faster
Upholders and health educators for patients, families, and communities, I did my report on Registered Nurses. There are all sorts of fields one could go into. For example, you have hospital, office, home health, nursing home, public health, occupational health nurses, supervisors, nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses such as clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse anesthetists, and certified nurse midwives. Among the list of things to go through to be a nurse, a nurse shou
CRYSTALS Does Surface Tension Affect the Process of Crystallization? CONTENTS I. ABSTRACT II. INTRODUCTION/LITERATURE RESEARCH 1. PROBLEM 2. HYPOTHESIS III. PROCEDURE/MATERIALS LIST IV. RESULTS V. CONCLUSIONS IV. BIBLIOGRAPHY ABSTRACT The characteristics of crystals have always fascinated man. Man has always been interested in the appearance of them and some of the exotic locations where many crystals may be found. These locations tend to be cold and damp. Usually crystals tend to form under ex
Our Solar System at a Glance INTRODUCTION From our small world we have gazed upon the cosmic ocean for untold thousands of years. Ancient astronomers observed points of light that appeared to move among the stars. They called these objects planets, meaning wanderers, and named them after Roman deities -- Jupiter, king of the gods; Mars, the god of war; Mercury, messenger of the gods; Venus, the god of love and beauty, and Saturn, father of Jupiter and god of agriculture. The stargazers also obs
Physics ISU (a) Cathode Rays are invisible particles that are emitted from the cathode (negative end) and travel to the anode (positive end). These rays are called cathode rays because they originated from the cathode. They travel in a straight lines, possess kinetic energy (which means that they mush have some mass) they are high speed, negatively charged electrons. (b) An "Electron Gun" is something that 'boils' out electrons at a high temperature from the cathode and they are accelerated tow
Radon In this paper I will discuss the element called Radon. I will explain how and when this element was discovered, its' physical characteristics, the natural environment of the element and the abundance in which it occurs. In addition, I will describe why Radon is important to humans, and other interesting facts related to this element. Radon has the symbol Rn. Its atomic number is 86 and its atomic weight is 222. The shell configuration is 2,8,18,32,18,8. Radon's most stable isotope is Rn 2
Organic Compounds Chemists observed that there were two types of substances. Those from non-living matter and those from living matter. They were classified into two categories which include inorganic substances and organic substances. Many similar properties were observed by the Chemists. Most inorganic substances were observed to change very little, if any, when heated. Also, organic substances were thought to be produced only by living organisms. Later in time organic substances were studied
1960's By Jonny Skoo Many social changes that were addressed in the 1960s are still the issues being confronted today. the '60s was a decade of social and political upheaval. in spite of all the turmoil, there were some positive results: the civil rights revolution, john f. Kennedy's bold vision of a new frontier, and the breathtaking advances in space, helped bring about progress and prosperity. however, much was negative: student and anti-war protest movements, political assassinations, and g
It was very difficult coming up with a health career that I would be interested in. The truth is, I am not interested in any health career. What I really want to be is become a screenwriter, and that is actually, how I figured out, if any, what health career I would choose. My health career is to become a virologist. I came up with this career while I was watching the movie Outbreak. Basically, a virologist works with viruses. They try to find cures or vaccinations for viral threats. Virologist
This research paper is going to discuss what excessive drinking and vast amounts of alcohol can do to people. This research paper can and will also tell a little about the history and background of alcohol. Then the paper will lead to the health effects of alcohol on people mental and psychical inside and outside. Then from there it will talk about some statistics of alcohol related traffic accidents and rapes on collage campus. This research paper is also taking the down side or bad side of al
This is my introduction to the brain and spinal cord. I will tell you where they are located and what they do in my own words. Listen and read. The spinal cord is located on your lower back. It is made out of a big bundle of neuron and the purpose is to allow you to move. It helps you work, sleep and do things in todays world. The brain controls every thing in the body. It is in the top layer of your skull with jelly mass and has three parts. Thats the end of the introduction of the spinal co
Depression is a serious health problem that could affect anybody, at any age. It's more than the down feeling that everybody experiences from time to time. Depression involves a "down" mood, along with some other symptoms, and lasts for more than a couple of weeks. This problem affects the total person, and in adition to all the feelings, it can change behavior, physical health, and appearance, academic performance, and the ability to handle, normal, everyday decisions and pleasures. Depression
United States Prevention, Pesticides EPA-738-F-94-030 Environmental Protection And Toxic Substances September 1994 Agency (7508W) R.E.D. FACTS Limonene Pesticide Reregistration All pesticides sold or distributed in the United States must be registered by EPA, based on scientific studies showing that they can be used without posing unreasonable risks to people or the environment. Because of advances in scientific knowledge, the law requires that pesticides which were first registered years ago b
ATOMIC THEORY Atomic Theory is the study of atoms. Atoms are the smallest forms of matter that can still be considered/recognized as elements. Atoms are what make up everything on our earth, from molecules to monkeys. Atoms are joined together to make molecules, which are in turn joined together to make everything else. To give you an idea of the size of an atom, Encarta Online describes it as being "so small that a single drop of water could contain more than a million million billion atoms".
A Look At A Career In Community Pharmacy "...Pharmacists are the principal resource to patients and other health professionals in assuring appropriate use of, and optimal therapeutic outcomes from medications" (Shall I Study Pharmacy 1). Pharmacists are health care professionals responsible for the dispensation of prescription and non-prescription medications. Many pharmacists are consultants to the general public along with physicians and other health care providers. One of the earliest known
I would like to pursue the field of physical therapy. Physical Therapy, by definition, is the treatment of disease through physical means, including light, heat, sound waves, electricity, magnetic field and exercise. Physical Therapy is divided into three broad categories: acute care, neuro-rehab, and outpatient physical therapy. Acute care consists of treating patients in the in-patient, or hospital setting. Patients in the hospital setting are often acutely ill. Patients may range from people
Robert Penn Warren was born in Gutherie, Kentucky in 1905. After graduating from high school, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Vanderbilt University. Warren began his study working toward a major in Chemistry. Soon, the English proffessors and poets, Donald Davidson and John Crowe Ransom won him over into the analysis of Leterature and Poetry. Robert's maternal grandfather, Gabriel Thomas Penn, was his essential origin of information and also, his idol. The old man was a Civil War Vet
Niels Henrik David Bohr was born in 1805 in Copenhagen. He was the son of a physiology professor, and was educated at the University of Copenhagen, where he earned his doctorate in 1911. That same year he went to Cambridge, England, to study nuclear physics under the British physicist Sir Joseph John Thomson, but he soon moved to Manchester to work with another British physicist, Ernest Rutherford. Bohrs theory of atomic structure won him the Nobel Prize in physics in 1922. It was published in
WHAT IS COMPUTER ENGINEERING AND WHAT TO COMPUTER ENGINEERS DO? There is a new global infrastructure currently in place that allows instant access to information anywhere in the world. An essential component of this new infrastructure is the host machine - the computer. Computer Engineers respond to the industry's demand for professionals who are knowledgeable in both hardware and software components - traditionally the domains of the Electrical Engineer and the Computer Scientist. Their integr
The woman destined to be known worldwide as Madame Curie was born Marie Sklodowska in Warsaw, Poland, on Nov. 7, 1867. The Sklodowskas were members of the impoverished Polish bourgeoisie, and her father struggled to support his large family as a high school teacher of physics and mathematics. He was apparently a brilliant man, and Marie learned both from his example and from his hands-on teaching, developing into a brilliant young student herself. But her mother suffered from tuberculosis and,
Harvards Evolution from Theological to Liberal Education Harvards development over 350 years has been enormously rich and complex--full of interest for social and intellectual history, for the history of scholarship, science, pedagogy, and politics. We know something, statistically, about the social sources and destinies of the graduates over the existence, but little of the later generations. Harvards benefactors are no less interesting a group, and their contributors made all else possible
Downs Syndrome Introduction About one in one thousand births result in Downs Syndrome. It is the most frequent form of mental retardation. Some victims of Downs Syndrome may have a fair intelligence, but usually the IQ is between 20 and 40. Many of the babies born with Downs Syndrome die before they reach their teens, because they seem to be particularly susceptible to infection. Yet, through research and medical treatment over the later years, victims of Downs Syndrome are living longer h
Chemistry 3) Rutherford's gold foil experiment consisted of a radioactive source that emits positively charged Alpha particles to a piece of gold foil. This was surrounded by a circular fluorescent screen which would detect where the Alpha particles were after they hit the gold foil. It found that most of the particles went through unchanged, some went partially deflected and less were greatly deflected. This proved that there is a positively charged nucleus. 4) Flame tests and emission spectro
Five Hundred were already destroyed and more were being killed each day. The police had no leads and with the Christmas holidays around, many FBI agents were with family. Besides it was going to be the year 2000. All I knew was that the deaths were related to an unidentified toxic substance. It was New-Years day when I received a call to investigate the case. I specialized in toxic-related deaths, but I have never seen any like this. The deaths were everywhere, so I decided to drive around the
THOMAS ALVA EDISON Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He was the youngest of seven children to Samuel and Nancy Elliot Edison. While he was young his father was an entrepreneur selling shingles in Ohio after fleeing from Canada after the Rebellions of 1837. He was very curious about everything and asked many questions. Even though his mother was once a schoolteacher, she still couldn't answer all of his questions. Since all his questions couldn't be answered, he wa
The transition metals as a whole are a rather non-reactive group. This group includes some of the most widely used and most precious elements in the world. It includes the elements gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, nickel and many others. These elements can be helpful to mankind in many ways. Iron, no doubt, is one of history and todays most useful substances. Copper has been money, water pipes, jewelry, and has some useful alloys. Gold, historys most known symbol for money and value has
Aum Shinri Kyo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outline Thesis: On 20 March 1995 a nerve gas believed to be sarin was released in Tokyo. I. Gas Released in Subway Cars II. Subway Incident A. Immediate Results B. Lasting Results III. Sarin A. History B. What it Does IV. Aum Shinrikyo A. Definition B. Ideals V. Attacks Attributed to Aum Shinrikyo VI. Fear in Japan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aum S
Acid Rain Scientists from around the globe have come to the conclusion that acid rain has to be regarded as a serious direct threat to our environment. This conclusion has been arrived upon from the study of concrete scientific evidence by way of the study of acid rain and its effects on the environment. Acid rain hurts both lakes and other bodies of water as well as vegetation. Many bodies of water are extremely sensitive to acid rain because they do not have the ability to neutralize it. Such
Aerospace Engineering Aerospace engineering is a new advanced professional degree program designed specifically for toady's modern engineering world. It is intended for recent engineering graduates and working engineers desiring a broader graduate experience that emphasizes and applications focused engineering education, as well as for seasoned engineers who want to increase their opportunities for career enhancement but may not be able to take full time away from work. The study of this field
Career Study Project: Marine Biology Research Marine biology is the study of organisms that live in the sea. It deals with all forms of life in the oceans, from viruses so small they can be viewed only with the most powerful electronic microscopes to whales, the largest living animals. Marine biologists do numerous things in their working day. They describe and classify marine organisms. They try to determine how these organisms develop, how they obtain food, how they reproduce, how they intera
Organic Chemistry branch of chemistry in which carbon compounds and their reactions are studied. A wide variety of classes of substancessuch as drugs, vitamins, plastics, natural and synthetic fibers, as well as carbohydrates, proteins, and fatsconsist of organic molecules. Organic chemists determine the structures of organic molecules, study their various reactions, and develop procedures for the synthesis of organic compounds. Organic chemistry has had a profound effect on life in the 20th
John Dalton was born in 1766 and died in 1844. He was born and raised in Eaglefeild, near Cockermouth, in Cumberland, England. Mostly self-taught in all sciences he was well known for several different things. One of his most famous discoveries were his observations and developments of the atom and atomic theory. He also accomplished several other things in his lifetime. Including discoveries and observations of comets, discoveries in the field of Metallurgy, and color blindness. This only list
An Ultimate Learning Environment Being young adults, we will someday be the future leaders in this world. It will be our responsibility to design an education system that will bridge right and left brain learning in order to realize "the full spectrum of human potential [that] loom[s] enticingly before us." (Margaret Hatcher, Whole Brain Learning.) The full potential of the human brain is now within reach. To develop our brain to this potential is the greatest challenge for educators. Our class