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My writing is like a Christmas present from your grandmother: itís a guaranteed

surprise. No matter what I write, no matter what the topic, time or place, Iím never sure

how something is going to turn out. Now, just because itís a surprise doesnít mean that it

isnít good. And, just because itís a surprise doesnít mean it isnít an accident either.

Werenít Corn Flakes and Penicillin discovered by accident? All Iím trying to say is that

every piece of my writing is an adventure: an unusual collection of thoughts and ideas

thrown together, forming an interesting, original, yet sometimes unfocused opinion.

Writing has not always been an enjoyable activity for me. Through my education, Iíve

been taught to write for a specific group, not to a specific group. Recently, however, Iíve

been lucky enough to have teachers who let me write for myself, not anyone else. With

this newly found freedom, writing has become a way to express what I feel, not how I

should or could feel. I use these opportunities to raise an eyebrow, instead of just

completing an assignment.

Now that we got the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, we can get started. If you

canít already tell, I like to write with flare. I could write the worldís most detailed and

thorough book on the molecular behavior of a Tetrachloride isotope. But, if I donít catch

a reader, donít inspire a reader, or make a reader beg for more, all I have is a cheap door

stop or welcome mat. Lifeís too short to do boring things. You have to step out of your

comfort zone, take chances, say the things you really want to say, do what you have to do.

It makes for a pure, original masterpiece, which anyone can enjoy. Just be yourself. Letís

face it. Who in our society are we most fascinated by? Regular, everyday Joes or Janes?

No way. Freaks, weirdoes, individuals, basketball players with colored hair--these are the

people that receive all the attention. And why? Because they are truly themselves, not the

zombies or clones that so many of us are. Right or wrong, they scream out ďI AM ME!Ē

Think of it this way: if all we had on this planet were followers and conformists and

ďnormal people,Ē would there still be the Michael Jordans, Einsteins, Martin Luther Kings

and Mother Theresas? Absolutely not. No person becomes successful by being ďnormalĒ

or ordinary. Now, Iím not saying if you write for yourself and be different that you will be

famous and recognized and go down in the history books as a famous something. But it

sure is a nice start.

I love the idea of freedom in writing. Not just freedom of topics, but freedom of ideas,

expression, and philosophies. Writing shouldnít be constricted or narrow minded. It

needs to be universal.

Writing, whether public or personal, is incredibly difficult. No matter who the

audience, topic or author, there will always be a critic. Itís a given in this world. Not only

in writing or literature, but in every facet of life. You canít make everybody happy.

Know this, accept this, use this to your advantage. Write for yourself, and only yourself.

Then, you will be pleased. Because, arenít you the most important critic of all?

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