Managing Waste To Save Our World

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Managing Waste, To Save Our World

Have you checked your garbage lately? Are you aware that you are throwing away
many materials that could be saved? If we did simple things like reusing glass,
we could reduce our municipal landfill sites by almost 10%. Waste cannot be
simply thrown away anymore, now it must be managed. Managing our trash is the
"in thing", yet it is hardly convenient. Lets face the facts, sealed toxins
"won't affect us for a good twenty years". Although this may be true, there are
still many advantages to waste management.

Today, more people are in favour of companies who invest in "green products". As
a result, companies have removed phosphates, bleaches, and have made their paper
products out of recycled papers. At home, families, are saving things, like
leftovers, and making sandwiches for the next day. Industries are also
manufacturing most of their christmas cards out of recycled paper, since it
takes 20 trees to make a ton of it. Finally, small businesses are doing
christmas tree pickups, and reuse them for preventing erosion in stream beds,
and as fertilizer. Compared to several years ago, people have begun to see that
there is a problem. We are beginning to deal with it, now we must solve it.

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